Jul. 14th, 2011

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... I will be overseas! And since a few of you expressed interest in meeting up with me, I thought I'd post my itinerary here. We can plot meet-ups in the comments or through PMs.

August 16-17: London
* I land on the 16th, so I may not be in the *best* of moods; however, I have nothing booked.
August 18: Bath
* My day in Bath is a bit packed: I have a tour from 1-5:30 (Stonehenge!), then I'm hitting up the Roman baths before I leave the next day.
August 19: Cardiff
* Yes, I will be hitting up the Castle *and* the Plass.
August 20-24: Dublin
* I have tentative plans for while I'm in Dublin, but nothing finite yet. I'd like to do a tour of Galway (where my Mom's family is from) or up through Northern Ireland to the Giant's Causeway, but I haven't booked anything past lodgings yet.
August 25-30: London
* Booked plans: a show at Shaksepeare's Globe (God of Soho) on the 28th, and Much Ado on the 29th. Leave far to early on the 30th.

I have a lot of "free time" -- nothing past tentative ideas of what I'd like to do. Things I'd *like* to do include: London Zoo, Sherlock Holmes museum, The Doctor Who Experience (probably Friday morning), Trinity College, and I'd love to take a day trip up to Stratford-Upon-Avon. The hotel I'm staying at is in the same block as the British Museum, and I have a membership thanks to my parents, which means I'm of *course* doing that.

I had to, unfortunately, cut Edinburgh out. Which makes me extremely sad, since I'm Scottish on my Dad's side. However, now I *have* to go back!

So. Comment/PM if you want to meet up for a meal, a tour, or just to shop! Suggestions on what to do are also always welcome. :)


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