Feb. 8th, 2011 03:21 pm
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First off, yes, I am still alive. I know, it's terrible; I don't write in forever, and when I do, it's in a fandom none of you are into yet. That's changing; I have a COMPLETE fic out to betas. DW crossover with BBC's Sherlock. Get into it now, folks. It's a good one.

Now, to business.

In August, I'm taking a trip. Overseas. August 15th (well, I'll land on the 16th) to the 3pth, I will be... in the UK. What initially was going to be a fun trip to London to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate snipe at each other in Miuch Ado About Nothing has progressed into Gracie's Madcap Trip About The British Isles. Oh, how I wish I could do it all. I guess that's what retirement is for. Anyway, definite visit spots include London, Cardiff, Dublin, and Edinburgh, with Bath, Stonehenge, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Belfast, and somewhere in the county Mayo on my "time and money willing" list. (The family's from the County Mayo. I can't go that far and not visit.)

So here's the problem: No one I know has done what I'm aiming to do (as far as I know). My mother went to London back in the 70s, so that info's a bit outdated. And she went on a tour of Ireland with a group... plus, her budget could have been probably five times more than what mine is. So I don't have a budget traveller to ask advice from. Therefore I turn to you, oh UK people whose flists I have the privledge of gracing. Explain your odd ways to this weary traveller, please!

Also, yes, I'd love restaurant/sights/shopping recs and suggestions. And I'd love to meet up with some of y'all if possible. :D
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