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Con Tickets -- $70.00
Plane Tickets -- $300.00+
Rental Car -- $150.00+
Getting to say "I'M GOING TO COMIC CON!!!!!!" -- Priceless.


(seriously, who's going? meet up is so happening!)
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So, uh... I went to the Adventues in Anime panel/workshop here at Comic Con. And they were taking voulenteers for a mini dubbing session. Well, how could any girl resist?

So I get up there and they give me my two lines: "Nice to meet ya." and "Um... Why is there a fuzzy little critter hiding in my clevage?"


At the end I had to go up again and they polled the audience for who the thought was best... And I won! OMG.
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MST:3K was full. Sob. So more update.

Joss Whedon was after the Stargate: Atlantis panel, so I sat in. I'm not a fan, but I know some of you are, so I snagged a few pics for you between fic writing.

And Jewel's so purty. We miss Firefly, yes we do! )

Then Joss Whedon came out and talked about Doctor Horrible, which I will admit I have never seen -- and am currently downloading. He also said that he either kills or outs characters, so either way it's fun.

There was much cussing in this panel. Neal Patrick Harris said 'Fuck' three times, and Joss said it once. )

After that there was a live reading of an American Dad episode. They read the first act aloud, then showed roughs of the second and the full animation for the third.

Fucking. Hysterical! )

While I was at panel, I get a text from [ profile] totally4ryo that GDL threw a pog at her (you know, the little circles of cardboard?) I found her and [ profile] lady_of_d_lake freakin' CAMPED OUT IN FRONT OF THE BOOTH. *sigh* I should have just turned a hose on them. When I mentioned it to [ profile] lady_of_d_lake, she ran up to GDL and demanded to know if he'd done it.

He said he was getting bored. I can't really blame the man.

[ profile] lady_of_d_lake also bought me a Ten figurine, so sweetheart, expect a LOT OF THANK YOU FIC (she's not a gwen fan, so I'll probably end up doing anti-gwen for her).

Now just waiting for [ profile] totally4ryo to finish with her panel, then... I dunno. Crackfic?
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Covering last night and most of today! As always, cuts are dial-up eating photos.

Last night, after I posted, I went to see Adventures in Anime, with Quinton Flynn and Jeff Nimoy. They were major cut-ups and basically just did impressions for an hour -- lot of Christopher Walken and Paul McCartney, lots of Beatles. *laughs* There was one part that was hysterical (and that I want to make an icon out of) where they were talking about their "Yaoi Song" (can't remember the title right now). Apparently, they were doing a con and they asked a guard where all the girls (legal, over 18) were, and the guard took them to the Yaoi Room and proceeded to announce that Jeff Nimoy and Quinton Flynn were in the Yaoi Room. Which circulated rumors that they were gay, so they wrote a song about yaoi. They were about to start singing it when the preview in the next room BOOMED out and interrupts them, to which JN goes "Oh God, we've angered the God of Yaoi! Please don't hurt us, God of Yaoi!"

Pictures from Adventures in Anime panel )


So. Today we get up and I'm dragged BACK TO THE BOOTH WITH JB and GDL. And while I don't mind staring at pretty boys all day, it gets a little creepy after a bit, sorta stalkerish. Besides, I'm not really... built for being a groupie. I'm not the type of girl that someone looks at and goes "Ooh, gotta get me some of that."

Anyway. We -- me and [ profile] totally4ryo -- ran into [ profile] lady_of_d_lake, who is officially the Torchwood TeaGirl, since she helped the lady at the booth bring them coffee this morning (from Starbucks! BLASPHEMY!)

And when we got back... they were wearing green fairy wings.

We always knew they were angels... )

I'm running to stand in line at another panel -- MST:3K! If I can get internet there, I'll have the Whedon panel pics up today.
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Doctor Who/Torchwood panel. Two words: FUCKING. AMAZING.

RTD was curiously absent. Apparently they had to do a Douglas Adams and sequester him away so he could work on DW 05. Steven Moffat, however, was there -- along with Jule Gardner, who's a complete charmer -- and was a very naughty boy. Apparently he had a little bit of an issue getting into the country (customs was worried he'd frighten the children) and gave very good dating advice: Children, do not drop your toothbrush on the dinner table after a first date. Or handcuffs. Although I'd bet a fanfic that Jack's done both.

cut for 04 spoilers )

The Torchwood panel was AMAZING. John Barrowman truly has no shame, he climbed up on his chair and saluted the audience. When Gareth came out they acted like they were going to kiss, which, of course, made the fangirls (and boys) go mad. Naoko Mori was beautiful as usual, and there were quite a few interesting questions from the audience, including a question straight out of fandom:

"Since Jack is the Face of Boe, and the Face of Boe has children, isn't it about time for Jack and Ianto to settle down and have a family of their own?"

JB & GDL: *stunned and wha?*
JB: You're talking about a head in a jar. You're just as sick as I am!

JB and NM sang, it was beautiful. And apparently there was a running gag behind set with JB and GDL after Cyberwoman, which they were gracious enough to share.

JB: *points over GDL's shoulder* Who's that?
GDL: *looking stunned and heartbroken and woobie Ianto* LISA!

Someone also asked if they were up for a US spin off, to which JB replied "I better be in the God-damn series!"


And that's it!

Although there is one PS: [ profile] totally4ryo and I stopped at Jack's for dinner (wait for the end of the joke to start laughing, plz), and we hear 'Jack' over the radio saying something about restraining orders and "That means you, Scott".

I missed it until she went, "I think that's wrong..."
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10:24 Pacific Time:


I met John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd. SUCK IT BITCHES!

Gareth's got a gorgeous grin, and John turned into a fanboy at the guy dressed up as Ten behind me.

My pictures of signing are waaaaay blurry, so I'm hoping to get better ones at the panel -- expect more pictures soon.. The Doctor Who one starts in an hour-ish, then Torchwood right after. [ profile] totally4ryo and I are going to have to be dragged out of our seats at the end, I think.

EDIT TO ADD: OMG, met [ profile] thefannishwaldo -- who is fucking BRILLIANT -- and [ profile] lady_of_d_lake, who's talking to me right now and is fabulous.

ETA 2: And she looks like Ms. Martha Jones. Even got the voice of a nightingale.


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