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Okay, guys, listen up:

The Support Stacie auction's been extended to 6 PM CST, so go check it out! You have 3 1/2 hours left.

However, I must admit to being a little bummed that the scarves I have up for auction -- lovingly handmade by moi -- haven't been bid on... so here it goes:

You people put in a bid for a scarf (no starting limit, and don't forget that you'll be adding $5 for shipping after the auction) and I'll post fic tonight.

Different Kind of Magic fic. That includes porn and crazy shenanigans. You tell 'em, [ profile] katestamps and [ profile] totally4ryo.

*is so not above bribery*

They're down towards the end, and have pictures in the slots now!

Bidding's done. Thank [ profile] buttononthetop, fishface44, Aunt Bea, and Oliva Jane (last three from the board) for fic tonight, children. ;)
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Just a reminder that the Support Stacie I'll Be Homemade for Christmas Auction starts at 12:00 noon CST this Saturday. Bid participants are reminded that an extra $5 should be added to the lots for shipping.

The new auction board is full of totally awesome lots. Check out my previous post on this auction to see what I'm offering.
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Support Stacie.

You know where this is going, right?

I'll be Homemade for Christmas -- NOW WITH SUPER-COOL PICTURES )

I know I've been slacking on the fic posting (and I have a couple of SSA fics to finish up and throw up here), and I'm sorry. After this month things should get a LOT easier for me in RL, which means more fic on my LJ!


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