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Home again! And unpacked (somewhat). Got the infamous picture hung up on the wall again, at least.

Gonna hang up some of my clothes, find something semi-interesting on TV, then work fic. If I don't fall asleep first.
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The good news! We're going home tomorrow! Daddy Musica went home today, and there's no damage to the house AND we have power! YAY CENTRAL AIR!

The bad news? I didn't do any writing done today that I wanted to. Although a somewhat good part of the bad news is the reason why I didn't write today is because I went to the bookstore and got a book that might be useful for the Torchwood/Indiana Jones story I'm plotting. That's right, I'm planning on writing more of it. If anyone knows of anything odd/mysterious/weird that could *possibly* be alien related and is really interesting, hit me up with some information on it in the comments (the only stumbling block I'm having with the fic is that I don't have a mystery for them to figure out!).
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Hello girls and -- well, do I have any boys that read my blog? Just letting you know that I'm in Jackson. We've been here for a while but I ran out to pick lunch up for everyone.

Stay safe to certain people who are still at home and in Texas, and I'll see y'all around!
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Might be leaving tomorrow.

Might not.

Depends on what Ike does during the night.

I'll find out at 4 tomorrow. FOUR AM. WHAT HAVEN'T YOU PEOPLE TOLD ME!?


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While everyone else is focused on 9/11 today on LJ, I've just been too busy to actually pay any attention to what the date was. I completely forgot until I looked on [ profile] cazmalfoy's journal this afternoon.

My parish is not under mandatory evacuation; however, they're 'strongly urging' people to leave.

I think we're going to stay -- I don't want to go, Mama Musica doesn't want to go, and Daddy Musica might not be able to go at all because of his job. Some friends of the family have a huge generator they bought from a nursing home or a hospital or something like that, so if we lose power we'll stay with them. If the power goes out tho, there's a good chance we'll lose the internet, so I'll be making phone post updates. I would say something about how we've gone through Cat 1 storms before, but it sort of seems like tempting fate so I won't.

I'm off to get my hair done (Donna red, tyvm), so there might be a different post in a few hours if the parental units change their mind. I'm gonna work up fic tonight so maybe there'll be another chapter of DSoS up.
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So, our parish will be under voluntary evacuation starting tomorrow morning. Mostly because we're going to catch some storm surge and winds, so people in low-lying areas and trailers are advised to get out.

We're packing up, but waiting and seeing what Ike's gonna do. Honestly, the UK's looking better and better...
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*sigh* So Ike might be coming our way. Just when I unpacked everything, it looks like I might have to pack back up again.

I'm moving to Britain. The only thing I'll have to worry about will be the annual Christmas invasion. AND THE GOVERNMENT PAYS FOR CLEANUP! Besides, it's not like I'll remember it, anyway.
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Taking a break from doing the dishes and starting dinner to let you all know I'm home safe and sound. Going to go out to a movie tonight, then post something before I have to go to school tomorrow (*sob*).

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SO we're just south of McComb, MS, caught up in a traffic snarl. I'm bored. Entertain me and I'l have something for y'all tonight!
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We're heading back today, I'm waiting for Mama Musica to pack up all her make-up. Daddy Musica got home safe and sound last night, and the only damage to our property is a potentially torn pool liner (we have an in-ground pool) and a down cable wire that will now never be replaced, given the cable company's track record.

Mama Musica and I will be doing a few quick errands while we're in Jackson, then whoosh, we'll be off!

Thank you, all of you, for your support and well-wishes. It really means a lot to me.

Seeing you soon,
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So, barring a sudden upswing towards New Orleans by Gustav due to a mandatory evacuation, we definitely are leaving tomorrow morning. I'm taking a break from cleaning out my room and starting to pack things up to go.

We're packing clothing for only a week, so hopefully that's as long as it'll be. Again, I'll be in Jackson, so if any of you folk are about, maybe we could get together for a few hours, talk about the weather (oh, that was lame, Musica).

I'm also going to figure out how to voice post, so if I get bored in traffic you'll get to hear my lilting Southern accent. So hope I can keep myself entertained.

Slipping Through will be posted soon, but for now I'm off to pack clothes... and signed JB/GDL picture. You bet your ASS I'm taking that!
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For some of you who've been around since before Rita, this is going to be a rehash.

So Gustav is currently looking at me. And I'm looking right back and sorta mad that he's screwing with some of my plans. If I have to hurrication (v. -- leaving due to either mandatory or voluntary evacuation and not being allowed back for a month or so), I'm going to be going up to Jackson MS. I will have limited internet -- spotty wireless and email only via cell phone, which puts a damper on the story schedule.

The next part of Slipping Through is only half done. If I have to leave tomorrow, I'm going to post the first half before I go, and the rest will be posted as soon as possible. My entry for Smut Sunday will also be delayed -- if I have to go.

I'll keep y'all updated. For my fellow Gulf Coast inhabitants, take care of yourselves!


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