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The good news: I've gotten a lot of feedback on my drabble/oneshot post below!

The bad news: Nanashi (laptop)'s power charge won't work. So I have to order another one.

I can still get my email, but I can't write or post online for a while. Damn.

So, here it is, my revised writing list. I actually enjoy writing on yellow legal paper then typing it up. ^__^

Continuing Projects
[ profile] icka_imp: The Grey Zone's Pr0n 2.0 [10% completed, but stuck on my dead laptop]

The eighth chapter of Southern Charm [5%]

requested KKM Yuuri-uke smut from AFF.N [10%]

Requested Projects
[ profile] imparfait
--- Full Metal Panic! Sousuke/Kaname; lingerie [100%]
--- Saiyuki Ukoku/Koumyou; Tender love and all that mushy shit. Crazy old man jokes are a plus. [100%]

[ profile] hydr0phobia
--- xxxHolic Watanuki/Doumeki; bonus points for NC-17 [100%]
--- Kyou Kara Maou! Conrad/Jennifer [100%]

--- Saiyuki Ukoku/Koumyou [0%]

[ profile] firebreeze
--- Legal Drug Kazahaya/Rikuo; Unrequited Sexual Tension [100%]
--- FAKE Berkley/Diana, Diana/OC; jealous!Rose and bragging!Diana [100%]
--- FAKE Ted (maybe Ted/Janet); Legolas!Ted [100%]

[ profile] duo_maxwell1614
--- School Rumble Harima and Napoleon (MY OTP!) [100%]
--- School Rumble Sawachika/Harima (Kou's OTP) [100%]

[ profile] ohajiki
--- Yami no Matsuei Tsuzuki/Watari crack [0%]
--- Chrono Crusade Chrno/Rosette [100%]
--- Saiyuki Ukoku/Koumyou [100%]

--- Legal Drug Rikuo/Kazahaya [0%]

[ profile] akisawana
--- Rurouni Kenshin Sanosuke/Kenshin; fluff [0%]

[ profile] maddieangl2578
--- Saiyuki Hakkai/Gojyo [100%]
--- Saiyuki Yaone/Dokugakuji [100%]
--- Saiyuki Sanzo/Goku [100%]
--- FAKE Dee/Ryo [100%]
--- FAKE Bikky/Carol [100%]
--- FAKE Drake/JJ [100%]
--- Cowboy Bebop Faye/Spike [100%]

--- Cowboy Bebop Ed [0%]
--- DNAngel Dark and Daisuke [100%]
--- DNAngel Satoshi/Daisuke [100%]
--- Gravitation Shuichi/Yuki [100%]

--- Gravitation K/Judy [0%]
--- Ranma 1/2 Akane/Ranma; kisses [100%]
--- Ranma 1/2 Ryoga/Ukyo; bake [100%]

[ profile] a_fake_player
--- FAKE JJ [100%, posted on [ profile] 2nd_chance_chat]

[ profile] only_a_dream
--- Saiyuki Gojyo/Hakkai; fluff [100%]

God, I love you guys. And remember, you can ask for as much as you want! Give me your favorite pairing or a hard one; I can take it. ^__^

And now, back to pulling tree tops across the yard. Damn burn ordinance...
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Still in Jackson.


I wanna go home~

Mom says we're gonna head back on Monday (Dad and dog already went home). Of course, she said the same thing LAST Monday, so we'll see.
And on the writing front, I've written the owed PWP for [ profile] akisawana (see entry below for KKM fluff). I've gotten a request for an uke-Yuuri fic, so I'm gonna get to work on that one, too.

I've also started on Chapter Eight of my FAKE fic "Southern Charm", after much procrastination.

For some reason, I can write MUCH easier with paper and pen, but when I have a computer in front of me I turn into a dumbass. And smut can only be written in my grandmother's house between midnight and three AM.

What the hell?!

And (as the friendslist has been mentioning), NaNoWriMo starts up next month. I don't even know if I'm going to do it this year. Last year, Dad got sick and I just stopped. Now, I'm going to be running triple time to catch up for missing a month of college. I've signed up for it, but I dunno if I'm actually gonna do it.

Someone shoot me in the head.


Oct. 2nd, 2005 10:51 am
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G'morrow, all.

Rita Update: )

Wow, I just totally worked through some passive agression there. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I spent most of last night working on stories! ^__^ I'll post them later tonight. So here's my list of owed/planned stories, with what I've completed crossed out:

[ profile] imparfait -- Birthday Present: If I Didn't Know Any Better
[ profile] maddieangl2578 -- Requested FAKE Drake/JJ story: Untitled at present

[ profile] ickaimp -- TGZ p0rn 2.0
[ profile] akisawana -- random smut
The next chapter of Southern Charm
The [ profile] 1000_miles_west joint challenge with [ profile] only_a_dream
Requested Tsubasa drabbles: Sakura/Syaoran and Yuuko/Clow (I am so not pairing those two, but I'll write one with them in it... Clow is Toya and Sakura's father in TRC, right?)

Some other random requests from [ profile] maddieangl2578 (I'm working on 'em, Maddie!)

That sounds about right. Oh! And I want to write something for the week's challenge on [ profile] manycases1truth, but it might be late. Eh.

Aw, crap... I need to think of another weekly challenge.
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Dad went home today to inspect the damage first hand. It turns out that there's a hole in our roof right over my brother's room, a tree over my parent's bedroom (no idea there's a hole there or not) and a hole in our living room. No water damage inside as far as we can tell, though, which is good.

Half the trees in our yard are down, along with the power line going to our house. A tree also fell into the pool.

But! No flooding, which is good, and no broken windows. And insurance will cover it. ^__^ So while we have some damage, it can be fixed, and it looks like nothing got too much water damage (although we're going to have to go through the attic and throw stuff away).
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Quick update to let everyone know:

A neighbor of ours rode out the storm at home, and she said the house is fine. Part of our backyard fence is down, but for the most part the trees blocked a lot of wind damage.
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It's nice to know that under times of extreme duress, my parents can be counted on to keep their tempers cool and their common sense.


Hurrication )


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