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Title: Surprising Wishes
Date Written: 10/17/05
Rating: NC-17 Read with caution.
Word Count: 1,775
Fandom: xxxHolic
Characters/Pairings: Doumeki/Watanuki, Yuuko, Himawari
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: CLAMP owns xxxHolic and its gorgeousness, not me.
Request for: [ profile] hydr0phobia
Notes: I'm using colors from CLAMP's color art... although they're not quite consistent in what they pick, but eh. Watanuki has blue, Doumeki dark green, Yuuko has red and Himawari has black.

Surprising Wishes )


Title: Shopping
Date Written: 10/17/05
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Fandom: Full Metal Panic!
Characters/Pairings: Sousuke, Kaname
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, alas.
Request for: [ profile] imparfait
Notes: Probably not what you were expecting, but what came out. ^__^

Shopping )


Title: Harima Had a Little Pig...
Date Written: 10/17/05
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Fandom: School Rumble
Characters/Pairings: Harima, Napoleon
Warnings: Interspecies relationship? (kidding! kidding, kidding, kidding!)
Spoilers: For who Napoleon is, and for Hario!
Disclaimer: Not mine, alas.
Request for: [ profile] duo_maxwell1614
Notes: Harima + Napoleon = LOVE

Harima Had a Little Pig... )
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The good news: I've gotten a lot of feedback on my drabble/oneshot post below!

The bad news: Nanashi (laptop)'s power charge won't work. So I have to order another one.

I can still get my email, but I can't write or post online for a while. Damn.

So, here it is, my revised writing list. I actually enjoy writing on yellow legal paper then typing it up. ^__^

Continuing Projects
[ profile] icka_imp: The Grey Zone's Pr0n 2.0 [10% completed, but stuck on my dead laptop]

The eighth chapter of Southern Charm [5%]

requested KKM Yuuri-uke smut from AFF.N [10%]

Requested Projects
[ profile] imparfait
--- Full Metal Panic! Sousuke/Kaname; lingerie [100%]
--- Saiyuki Ukoku/Koumyou; Tender love and all that mushy shit. Crazy old man jokes are a plus. [100%]

[ profile] hydr0phobia
--- xxxHolic Watanuki/Doumeki; bonus points for NC-17 [100%]
--- Kyou Kara Maou! Conrad/Jennifer [100%]

--- Saiyuki Ukoku/Koumyou [0%]

[ profile] firebreeze
--- Legal Drug Kazahaya/Rikuo; Unrequited Sexual Tension [100%]
--- FAKE Berkley/Diana, Diana/OC; jealous!Rose and bragging!Diana [100%]
--- FAKE Ted (maybe Ted/Janet); Legolas!Ted [100%]

[ profile] duo_maxwell1614
--- School Rumble Harima and Napoleon (MY OTP!) [100%]
--- School Rumble Sawachika/Harima (Kou's OTP) [100%]

[ profile] ohajiki
--- Yami no Matsuei Tsuzuki/Watari crack [0%]
--- Chrono Crusade Chrno/Rosette [100%]
--- Saiyuki Ukoku/Koumyou [100%]

--- Legal Drug Rikuo/Kazahaya [0%]

[ profile] akisawana
--- Rurouni Kenshin Sanosuke/Kenshin; fluff [0%]

[ profile] maddieangl2578
--- Saiyuki Hakkai/Gojyo [100%]
--- Saiyuki Yaone/Dokugakuji [100%]
--- Saiyuki Sanzo/Goku [100%]
--- FAKE Dee/Ryo [100%]
--- FAKE Bikky/Carol [100%]
--- FAKE Drake/JJ [100%]
--- Cowboy Bebop Faye/Spike [100%]

--- Cowboy Bebop Ed [0%]
--- DNAngel Dark and Daisuke [100%]
--- DNAngel Satoshi/Daisuke [100%]
--- Gravitation Shuichi/Yuki [100%]

--- Gravitation K/Judy [0%]
--- Ranma 1/2 Akane/Ranma; kisses [100%]
--- Ranma 1/2 Ryoga/Ukyo; bake [100%]

[ profile] a_fake_player
--- FAKE JJ [100%, posted on [ profile] 2nd_chance_chat]

[ profile] only_a_dream
--- Saiyuki Gojyo/Hakkai; fluff [100%]

God, I love you guys. And remember, you can ask for as much as you want! Give me your favorite pairing or a hard one; I can take it. ^__^

And now, back to pulling tree tops across the yard. Damn burn ordinance...


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