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OH MY GOD I KNOW IT'S TAKEN SO LONG. It was all the pictures.

So... Friday! No, wait, Saturday. The days are jumbling about in my head, apologies.


We got to the con a bit late, and lots of staring at John was had. And coffee was handed over. WHILE RTD WAS THERE. We were hoping that they'd hand it over TO HIM, but they didn't. [ profile] correlle, fiancee, her friends and I wanted to get to the Boondock Saints II panel, so we grabbed some lunch and then went and sat in line. We sat through the Umbrella Academy panel -- I had no idea the frontman for My Chemical Romance did comics. They're working on a movie, btw, for any fans.

By the way, if there are any Boondock Saints fans out there? IT LOOKS TOTALLY EPIC. Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus came out recording US with their iPhones. SPF had us say hello to his mother because "Otherwise she won't believe this". They showed the trailer TWICE, and Billy Connolly was being a delightful cad. Much swearing was had because let's face it, it's the fucking Boondock Saints.

Also, Rocco showed up. Completely independently from the panel. He got in line for the Q&A, and they pulled him up into the panel. Ron Jeremy was also there and answered a very pointless, roundabout question someone had asked him in a classroom lecture about ten years ago or something like that.

After the panel [ profile] correlle and co went to go sit through the Mythbusters panel, and [ profile] thrace_adams, [ profile] aleja221, [ profile] totally4ryo and I all went to dinner before trying to get into the Who/Torchwood viewings. We didn't get in, but we DID get pictures with a half-naked Roman Gladiator. Who told me I needed to go Sparta because I looked too hot in my suit.

We went to the Masquerade and had a few delightfully CRAZY conversations about slash and fic and scared people around us, but the shows were sort of lame this year so we went home early. The funniest one was a Muppets take-off, where they had the two old men in the balcony box make fun of the rest of the skit. I want to see a group do something like this one day, damn it. [ profile] corelle and I suggested doing an MST:3K bit... We're thinking of a scene from Shark Attack 3 as the Experiment. Y/Y?

Sunday I woke up at 7 to a text from [ profile] thrace_adams saying that the LINE FOR THE DOCTOR WHO PANEL HAD ALREADY STARTED. So after much cussing and running about like chickens sans heads, [ profile] totally4ryo and I made it to the con. We separated because [ profile] totally4ryo needed to get her Sunday pass (thank you [ profile] cjharknessgirl!) and she met up with [ profile] thyme_enough. WE ALL MADE IT INTO THE PANEL AND HAD FANTASTIC SEATS THANKS TO [ profile] thrace_adams AND [ profile] aleja221!

David was charming. Julie was sweet. Eros was... British (WHAT?! I BARELY REMEMBER THE GUY!!!) RTD was a smug Welsh bastard. We fangirled and yelled and got to listen to David in his full Scottish Glory.

The American Dad panel followed Doctor Who, and I love the way they do that panel: First they have the entire cast do a table read of the first act, then they show a storyboard version of the second act (with prerecorded sound), and the third act is the full animation. It's really interesting to see how the show comes together!

more NSFW panel shenanigans )

The third Indie movie panel was about Eric McCormic's latest thing. They're doing a 50s homage-type movie, but a serious homage. Complete with rubber alien that's going to be completely disappointing the moment you see it.


THE TORCHWOOD PANEL. Okay, Being Human was there too, but that's not what I was there for.


And I know there have been some grumbles among fandom over John's behavior at the panel? SHUT UP. No seriously. SHUT THE HELL UP. JOHN WAS FUCKING CHARMING AND JOHN BARROWMAN-Y (he flirted with the moderator like whoa) AND HE SAVED RTD'S ASS WHEN RTD STARTED GETTING MAD ABOUT THE IANTO PROTESTS. John just jumped right in and mentioned the Children in Need page. Which he totally supports, because he's John and it's something he'd totally be into. Anyway. John did an outstanding job with what was probably the most hostile panel ever. SO SHUT UP, HATERS. I know, I wanted him to get all indignant over it too, but the man's a professional.

At least John STILL HAS A JOB, amiright? He's not gonna fuck it up. And also, he gave me fic ideas. Shut up.

After the TW panel, [ profile] aleja221, [ profile] thrace_adams and [ profile] totally4ryo stayed for the Buffy musical panel. I met up with [ profile] correlle for one last go at the Exhibit Hall before they went home, and then [ profile] aleja221, [ profile] thrace_adams, [ profile] totally4ryo and I went to dinner for one last huzzah.

Much collapsing was had when we were done.

Monday was my free day, and I really wanted to go to the zoo. [ profile] totally4ryo stayed at home and recovered, while I went AND HAD A BLAST. It turned out when I went that they were having special extended hours that week, so instead of just being open until 5:30 IT WAS OPEN UNTIL 9. SO I DID EVERYTHING. I even got to see the elephant handlers/vets cleaning their elephants' feet. It was soooo completely awesome, watching these huge animals calmly lift up their feet and get pampered while they ate apples and other fruit as their rewards.

Oh, and they think one of the pandas may be pregnant, which is awesome.

And now... Some pictures. Which I won't post ALL of, because there are only so many images of panels that people can take, y'know? And sorry, some of them are blurry. Camera fail. MASSIVE PICSPAM HO! )
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*Warning! Post Will Be Image Heavy! Sorry to my dial up readers!*


I AM SO TIRED. AND BEHIND ON MY COMMENTS. AND SLIGHTLY HUNG OVER. And my camera's in the car, so I have... a few more pics to show you all tomorrow.

All right. Yesterday was the epic day of shopping and panels. We (me, [ profile] totally4ryo, [ profile] correlle and fiancee) sat through the Hobbit panel, which was partly confirmed facts on the movies, partly speculation and mostly WETA showing HOW BADASS THEY ARE... And I want to waste about a week of my life marathoning the movies now!

[ profile] totally4ryo had to go do her volunteer gig, so [ profile] correlle, fiancee and I wandered about. We bought some fun stuff, but I mostly looked. I did get a regimental patch from the California Browncoat Society, though!

We met up with [ profile] aleja221 and [ profile] thrace_adams for lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I've been to the one they have in Nashville, but it was even better than I remembered! And it was then that we discovered that Tyrese Gibson was a dick. You see, [ profile] aleja221 had tickets for his autograph and he was supposed to be at the booth they'd sold it from 1-4. When [ profile] aleja221 showed up at 1:15, he'd gotten bored and left. The booth people managed to get her a personalized autograph, but it was sort of ruined because Gibson misspelled her name.

After lunch, we attempted to get into James Cameron's Avatar movie, but the line was 400+ strong and we just decided to forego it. We split up again -- poor [ profile] totally4ryo was still working, and [ profile] aleja221 and [ profile] thrace_adams wanted to see more of San Diego, so me, [ profile] correlle and fiancee went to go see some anime screenings -- Irresponsible Captain Tyler (a personal fave), Gundam 00 (which I need to get into, because it looks interesting), and Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU (which is so much glorious crack). After FUMOFFU, [ profile] totally4ryo got off, so we all got back together to go to dinner.

And now, a word of warning. If you decide to go to Baja Coastal Cantina in the Gaslamp District of San Diego -- don't. And I understand that the server was very, VERY busy with the con in town, I do. However, we had to flag her down multiple times, and when we pointed out that she'd charged us for food we'd never gotten, she scoffs and replied with "Well, yeah I did, but whatever." And then, because we were a big group and gratuity was included, when I gave her a 20 on a 16 dollar bill, I DID NOT GET CHANGE. I know it's only four bucks, but SHE DIDN'T DESERVE IT. But we were late for Doctor Horrible, so while we were running to get there, I called and told a manager what happened. The food was good, but the service made it bad.

Unfortunately, they put the Sing-Along in a tiny room, so we missed it. I stayed with [ profile] correlle and fiance in their hotel, and an episode of Baccano! and much sleep was had.

I awoke this morning to find that my fandom exploded. Again. Instant coffee was procured from the hotel lobby so we could be annoying and I dropped it off at the BBCA table early in the morning. I also TOTALLY LINE JUMPED AND GOT A DOCTOR WHO BAG when I went to give them the coffee. SORRY.

Okay, not really.

[ profile] correlle wanted to do some shopping, then she and fiance had a date with an artist, so I met up with [ profile] thrace_adams and [ profile] aleja221 and we sat through the Stargate Universe and BSG/Caprica panels. Both of which I haven't seen but they're on my To See List. After panels we attempted to get John and Naoko's signatures, but to no avail for they'd gone to lunch. We met up with [ profile] cjharknessgirl and Mom and [ profile] adafrog, and we all went to lunch at a Mexican place called Fred's. We were going to go to the Blarny Stone, but they were closed.

Then back to the con for John and Naoko's autographs. Both of them were just so nice and gracious, and Naoko even peered in to read my name and shook my hand and blushed like a little schoolgirl when I said I loved the clips I'd seen of her Christmas Eve from Avenue Q's West End run. John was very gentlemanly and when I said I was the DoctorDonna he pouted and said, "Yes, it was so sad what happened to her..."

We didn't mention Ianto. And they even posed for pictures with us! Just such, such sweet people.

We all separated briefly, then met up again upstairs. Before leaving for the day, we went to the BBCA again so [ profile] totally4ryo and [ profile] thrace_adams could drop off their coffee. They'd written notes, and asked if they could give RTD a present. When the guy behind the counter said, "Sure," they handed their little packets over and said, "Here, we want him to have a cup of coffee on us." The guy looked at it like it was secretly hiding a bomb or something similar and got all nervous even though we were as polite as could be. AND HIS MANAGER GOT MAD WHEN SHE FOUND OUT WHAT IT WAS.

We're totally doing it again tomorrow.

We went to a different Irish pub for dinner. It was delicious, although I will admit to getting totally smashed. IT'S NOT MY FAULT, I HAVE NO STOMACH ANYMORE! And we were celebrating [ profile] thrace_adams's husband's promotion. It was a worthy cause.

Then home again, home again.

And now, pictures. Some of them Most are of cosplayers. )
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*Warning! This Post Will Be Image Heavy! Sorry to my dial-up friends!*


And today was preview day! But before, I slept in. I slept in *hard*. And then we (me and [ profile] totally4ryo, that is) got up and showered and got dressed and drove to the hotel where [ profile] thrace_adams and her friend Vivian (does Vivian have an LJ, thrace?)[ profile] aleja221 were waiting. Poor [ profile] aleja221 had just gotten in, and had been up since 3AM EST.


We also went to book off where I got an art book. The picture's down below.

We then went to the convention. And drove about for a few hours (okay, it may have only been one or so, but it felt like forever!) to find parking. Much cursing at traffic and fangirling was had.

Got parked, got to the convention center. Poor [ profile] correlle and her fiancee were having issues with the hotel staff, so they showed up later. [ profile] totally4ryo had to go get her volunteer passes, so [ profile] aleja221, [ profile] thrace_adams and I attempted to watch Shark Attack 3. We were, unfortunately, surrounded by children, and I chickened out because IT IS NOT A MOVIE FOR CHILDRENS. Although John is love.

Preview night was jam packed, as per usual. Much was bought, children were lost and [ profile] correlle was found, thank the Fates! I think I drove everyone mad freaking out about my keys, my wallet, my camera, my keys again...

And Colin Baker was there. No, seriously. He no longer has curly hair. Also, they couldn't keep the Ianto Jones dolls on the shelves. Plenty of Jacks and plenty of Gwens, but Ianto was sold out stat! [ profile] correlle and fiancee went back to their place for food and sleep, and we treked back to the car.

Much is still made about potential critters residing within my cleavage. They all want a piece.

We went to this cute little deli-style restaurant for dinner (I cannot remember the name of it, but it was just off the main Gaslamp drag and t'was truly delicious. I had a grilled chicken sandwich. Well, I had a third of a grilled chicken sandwich. [ profile] thrace_adams and [ profile] aleja221 went back to their hotel, some friends of [ profile] totally4ryo went to their home, and so did we.

And now, onto pictures.





And... because I can do it.


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If I'm a good , can I have a TARDIS?

In Dallas. Still. Flight's delayed until 9:25.

Also, I have EVERY SORT OF LAPTOP PLUG/CHARGER KNOWN TO MAN AND GOD AND THE INTERNETS in my bag... but no ethernet cord. Because you have to pay for wireless here. And I'm not that desperate to pay $10 for two hours of wireless. Not when there are public computers!

Le sigh.

Met [ profile] thrace_adams, who was waiting for her connection. Much fun was had.

My time's almost up now, and I've got a line of irate people behind me. I'll see you all in San Diego!

-- Gracie
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I have a confession, my friends.

I... Have a mistress.

She is called Comic Con 2009.

And I'm leaving to see her. Tomorrow. (well, okay, today)

I will be posting while I visit my summer love. I will also be Twittering from said mistress. Don't judge me too harshly, please.

I will probably not be Twittering/tweeting/blogging from the Who/Torchwood panels. Why? Because I told [ profile] katestamps I'd call her and let her listen in. We did it last year. Again, don't judge me too harshly.

So fare thee well. My body may leave for only a short while, but my heart truly lies with you.

-- Gracie


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